Our Mission

About Tyndale St-Georges Community Centre Educational Programming

To empower the community of Little Burgundy by offering programs designed to promote self-reliance, mutual aid and fulfillment through education, cultural, social, employment and recreational programs, providing individuals and families with encouragement, tools, opportunities and support.

About Tyndale St-Georges Community Centre Educational Programming

To help develop the community of Little Burgundy and to work with community partners to enhance the cultural, social, economic and environmental well-being of the community.

About Tyndale St-Georges Community Centre Educational Programming

To be a presence to the community of Little Burgundy and accompany its people through their struggles and successes.

Since 1927, Tyndale St-Georges Community Centre has provided empowering educational programming for residents of Little Burgundy from birth through adulthood.

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Our Vision

Our vision is for a community where:

  • There are opportunities for growth and involvement, and access to information and resources.
  • Everyone's potential is recognized and achieved.
  • Diversity is celebrated, and people feel respected, supported and cared for.

Little Burgundy

Located in the South West of Montreal, five minutes from the downtown core, Little Burgundy is a vibrant and diverse community, and a great place to live. However, it does face challenges related to poverty, racism and gentrification.


  • Population of over 11,000
  • 37.4 % recent immigrants
  • 2/3 of children and youth live below the poverty line
  • Highest concentration of low-income housing in Quebec
  • 46.5% of families are headed by a single parent
  • 32% of Little Burgundy students drop out before finishing high school

Tyndale Community Centre Staff

Shauna Joyce, Executive Director

514 931-6265 ext. 33

Sean Day, Fund Development Director

514 931-6265 ext. 35

Jila Guerami, Early Childhood & Families Interim Director

514 931-6265 ext. 36

Luc Mantha, Children, Youth and Families Department Director

514 931-6265 ext. 26

Anthony Symonds, Children, Youth and Families Department Assistant Director

514 931-6265 ext. 37

Natalie Miron, Adult Development Department Director

514 931-6265 ext. 20

Steven Valin, Family Support Worker

514 931-6265 ext. 22

Tamara Defour, Librarian

514 931-6265 ext. 28

Brandon Poirier & Amber Kerr-Bates, Volunteer Coordinators

514 931-6265 ext. 31

Jacqueline Mitchell, Accounting Director

514 931-6265 ext. 40

Tina Naim, Communications and Special Events Director

514 931-6265 ext. 35

Board Members

Eli Pichelli - Chair

Debra Dennis - Vice-Chair

Tina Lapolla - Treasurer

Cynthia Fish - Secretary

Lorne Steinberg - Director

Michael Bucheit - Director

Betty Goldwarg - Director

Michael Hiles - Director

Robert Johnson - Director

Ron O'Connell - Director

Jaziele Whyne - Director

Tyndale St-Georges Board member responsibilities

The function of the board of directors of Tyndale St-Georges is to consider and advise on strategies and programs for the furtherance of the organization’s objectives, to provide guidance to the Executive Director, to provide oversight of the finances of Tyndale St-Georges and to insure that the principles upon which the organization was founded are respected.

Each board member has the following responsibilities:

  • Attend at least 7 out of the 10 monthly meetings.
  • Participate in at least one board committee.
  • Represent and promote Tyndale St-Georges in a positive manner at all times.
  • Maintain respectful communication with community members, staff members and fellow board members.
  • Assist with funding and fundraising initiatives.
  • To the extent possible, attend Tyndale St-Georges fundraising, community involvement and internal events and activities.
  • Respect board confidentiality.
  • Respect and support all board decisions.
  • Always act in the best interest of the organization.

Board meetings last about 2 hours and are generally held in the early evening on the last Monday of each month from September to June. Committee meetings are held when needed, usually monthly, and may last 1 hour. Therefore board members can expect to spend at least 30 hours per year on Tyndale's work.